Who understands the painting better than the artist?

February 6, 2015

Your home is a very special asset. Often times it's the most significant asset a person or family owns. Time, money, emotion and life are all deeply invested into your home. This cannot be underestimated. When the day comes that you need to list it for sale, wouldn't it be nice if your real estate agent understood the value you see and feel for your property and community?

Unfortunately, this is hard to come by in today's real estate industry. Real estate brokers and agents tend to flood strong, active real estate markets in search of fast sales and quick commissions. All too often they have insufficient knowledge of the market they are operating in. Very little effort is spent learning and understanding the design and function of the neighborhood or the critical operating components like Homeowner's Associations, Deed Restrictions, Architectural Control Committees, Municipal Utility Districts, Country Club Memberships, local and federal regulatory agencies, let alone the individual character of the home or homesite they have listed.

The founder of The Shields Group Properties, LLC, J. B. Belin, Jr., is synonymous with Lake Conroe real estate. He spent the majority of his long and successful career developing and creating the Lake Conroe real estate market. He began with April Sound as the anchor community on the south end of the lake and finished with Bentwater on the north end. His vision for high quality resort style, lakefront golf communities has become a stunningly successful reality over the last 40 years. The relaxed, yet refined lifestyle he dreamed of creating is now a way of life by those who call themselves property owners on Lake Conroe. His philosophy was simple, “We don't sell real estate….. we sell an unmatched lifestyle that creates the need to own real estate." This unique and successful method of selling is embodied in the foundation of The Shields Group Properties. This ability to “create need" for our listings is a defining characteristic of The Shields Group Properties.