How to Make Your Outdoors as Fun as Your Indoors

May 4, 2016

Your dream home reflects your unique and personal style, but this doesn't have to stop at the backdoor. Your yard should be an outdoor sanctuary to escape the confines of four walls. With summer practically here, there's no better time to really showcase all your backyard paradise has to offer.

Prioritize Outdoor Comfort

Gone are the days of unsightly, uncomfortable patio furniture. When you step into your outdoor space, it should give you a sense of relaxation and serenity. Start with oversized, comfy cushions and throw pillows. Make sure they are made for the outdoors and have a tough but soft fabric to endure the changing temperatures. For the ground, a plush, vibrant rug with weather-resistant pile can have you going barefoot the moment you step outside.

Set up Your Wireless Oasis

We know many people go outside to get away from the bright screens of their TVs and phones, but with so much going on outdoors, you don't want to miss all those shareable moments. Place a wireless network extender near your yard to provide high-speed internet access for all your devices. Set up a guest account for when your neighbors want to upload those high-resolution photos of your gourmet BBQ. If you really want to keep your party-goers happy, invest in a solar charging station, so all your devices stay at 100% without having to go indoors.

Find Your Balance

Nothing makes you want to enjoy your yard more than a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. Use weatherproof flooring such as stone tile or concrete to turn your yard into a functioning patio. If you have guests coming and going, consider alternative doors like sliding or French doors for a little touch of class. One easy way to create stylish boundaries is by installing natural screens with bamboo reeds. Another way is by planting large shrubs that can section off areas of your backyard, while still retaining that outdoor feeling.

Light the Way

As the sun goes down, don't let your phone light be the only way to navigate your yard. Install appropriate lighting for the amount of space and use focal points. This can include up-lighting on trees, sconces, or pendant lights. Install eco-friendly solar lights to illuminate walkways and steps. You can even go full fairytale and string up lights over the yard for an enchanting evening.

Make the Outdoors Yours

No matter how you choose to design your outdoor living space, make it as truly special as your indoor space.

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