Simple Tips for Earth-Friendly Living

April 8, 2016

Some people say, "It's not easy being green," but we disagree. Thanks to modern day conveniences and accessibility to eco-friendly household items, going green is easier than ever. Celebrate Earth Day by improving your home and making a difference in the world around you with some simple tips for a green life.

Secret Garden

Ok, it doesn't need to be a secret. But having a small garden can help cultivate flowers and herbs for your home. You don't need a green thumb, either. Plant herbs like basil, mint or lemongrass, which require minimal water for an easy-to-manage indoor garden. When these herbs mature, use them in food or around the house for refreshing fragrances or spiced up dishes.

Be Smart about Lighting

Between recessed lighting, sconces, floor and table lamps, it's important to have a well-lit home. This helps show off your personal aesthetic. But all those lights rack up energy, and sometimes at an unnecessary cost. Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can now network your lighting to work for you. Invest in smart bulbs and mobile apps to control your lighting when you're not in the room. An added bonus, you can set the mood to different colors and create ambiance like never before.

Recycled and Renewed

Recycling sounds simple enough, but people still go through unnecessary waste each day. Help yourself and your family begin recycling by purchasing a dedicated recycling bin. Display items that you can and cannot recycle near the bin, so your household knows what to toss. Then all you'll have to do is find out when your city's recycling pickup occurs and set the bin outside. You'll use less trash bags and save the environment. It's a win-win!

Green Is the New Black

Decorating your home can take time and money, especially if you want it to be just right. Nothing showcases your eco-friendly home quite like green, chic décor. Whether it's reclaimed wood for a new dining table or reusing fabric to make custom throw pillows, you can create a stylish, environmentally-friendly space that highlights your personality.

Always Green

Eco-friendly living isn't a fad; it's a way of life. It can be a challenge to live green for long periods of time, but our best advice is to stick with it. Decide on your green goals and how to achieve them. For example, recycling everyday or growing a certain amount of herbs, and then keep it up. Your goals will soon turn into healthy habits. Your family and home will thank you for it.