Fishing on Lake Conroe

February 22, 2016

Lake Conroe is a very popular fishing and recreational destination in Texas, comprising over 20,000 acres of surface area in the west fork of the San Jacinto River. The majority of the lake is open water, and four man-made reefs have been added to help attract fish.

Texas Parks & Wildlife frequently posts an updated Lake Conroe fishing report, including data on water clarity and temperature. You'll also be able to find out which types of fish are biting, how well they're biting, and what bait to use.

Generally, the following species are found in abundance in Lake Conroe:

Largemouth Bass

These fish are the most sought-after in Lake Conroe and have very good catch rates. Largemouth bass weighing over 14 pounds have been caught, and anglers generally have good luck with shad imitation lures or soft plastic baits. Look for largemouth bass in shallow water around docks and marinas in the early spring and mid to late fall. In other seasons, they're most often found in deeper water.

Channel Catfish

Smelly baits or cut shad are good bait for catching channel catfish. Whichever bait they choose, anglers should make sure it reaches close to the lake bottom quickly in order to keep other, smaller fish from stealing the bait.

Bluegills (also known as Bream, Brim, or Perch)

Very large bluegills – about 12 inches in size – have been caught on Lake Conroe using live worms or crickets.


Black and white crappie are abundant in early spring as well as in the fall, thanks to spring restockings of juvenile crappie. Jigs and spinners attract crappie, and worms are also good bait.

White and Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass are often found year-round in open water or spawning up the river channel in spring. Also look for them underneath schools of white bass in the summer. Live shad and vertically jiggling spoons are often used to catch hybrid striped bass.

Lake Conroe offers a beautiful setting in which to fish, and if they're lucky, anglers will be able to reel in several popular species. Check the Lake Conroe fishing report to find out what's biting and when so you can better your chances.